David Francos Cuartero

Open Source Hacker, unix expert


Current work

Freelance software developer

Previous works

Developer at Neodoo S.L

Nov 2013 - Jul 2014
  • OpenERP development. Module development, core hacking, data migration.
  • OpenHardware development. Olinuxino and Raspberry PI mounts.
  • RFID / NFC expertise. Lend my previous experience on RFID to the Tica! (Olá Ziudadan) project for the Milla Digital "OpenUrbanLab" project.

DevOps at Certicalia

May 2013 - Nov 2013
  • Development over a big CodeIgniter based app
  • Data mining, data filtering, data foo, and data bar. If it can be get in a reasonable amount of time, I'll get it.
  • Getting ready the migration to Amazon AWS with a stunnel + varnish system for caching and ssl.
  • Installing, configuring and mantaining a postfix install, with dovecot, roundcube and a self-patched version of postfixadmin.

Developer at ASingleControl SL

Aug 2012 - May 2013
  • Developing the looses administration system that runs on multiple spanish companies.
  • Using Yii Framework, and styled with lesscss
  • Being part of a small development team, we carried on the development and system administration, as well as part of the analisys and security implementations.

Analist programmer at BiFi

May 2011- May 2012

Junior developer Warp Networks

  • Working with multiple technologies and languages (C++/Python/Perl) for over a year I gained lots of experience working on a nice and integrated team, aimed with the scrum metodology.
  • Hacked trough trac system, adding support for jabber chatrooms and statistics for multiproject tracs, thus providing a jabber interface for all the project management.
  • Worked in MovId livecd remastering for Diputacion de teruel, makingsoftware plumbing with custom GTK libraries and rewritting the build scripts.


As an open source entusiast I’ve released a few projects under GPL licenses, you can check them out on my github , being worth mention the following.
I enjoy working with bleeding edge technologies and micro-frameworks. I'm used to micro-frameworks like laravel (php), express.js (nodejs) and flask (python).

Open Projects


Wireless default keys generator
Most wireless routers generate the password based on a fixed algorithm (you should really change your router password when you get it).
This software combines various spanish password algorithms in just one application, with multiple interfaces (web, gtk and cli).


Online RST presentations
Most python geeks would find quite easier to write in RST (restructuredtext) format than create a presentation with standard software.
This combines the strenght of both sides, wich makes it easier to use to everyone, and adds the cloud to the equation.


Execute any external software within chrome with this simple extension
Connecting a NPAPI Plugin with a userscript through an extension, this plugin allows you to fire an "execute" even


Jquery/Zepto plugins using html5
Jquery / ZeptoJS compatible plugins coded for the brand-new grasscms html5 version.


RFID-based door opener and user management system
Code and docs to, by using a raspberry PI, a electronic lock and a RFID HID reader having a complete user management system with door opening capacities


Easily make your terminal pretty
Tired of plain ugly terminals? This is your best resource. It combines the power of powerline, solarized and tmux.


Bring twitter back to reality!
Having stickers with your name or nickname on it is becoming a neccesity on some talks, conferences and similar meetings.
This web application allows an organizer to easily create stickers based on twitter’s usernames, with personalizable backgrounds, size, and an optional QR-code.


The best complement for aircrack-ng
Airoscript-ng is the most complete interface to aircrack-ng and alike tools out there.
It combines the power of the console with a nice text user interface, allowing people to completly take control over aircrack-ng in much less time.


I’m one of the founders of Zaragoza’s hackerspace, Dlabs
Giving communities a place to meet, as well as interesting hackers and makers a place to develop their ideas, we intend to carry on the hackerspace, makerspace and artist's place spirit, combined.


Talks / Speeches / Conferences

Talks / Speeches