David Francos Cuartero

Open Source Hacker, unix expert


Current employment

Freelance software developer

  • As an OpenSource advocate I've freed and offered as a service Digenpy (a dictionary generator for wireless default passwords), rstext.me (presentation editor) and PrintedQR (3D printed QR codes)
  • Implemented a complete user administration system for a small bussiness, La Cicleria Social Club with an open hardware door opening system. Solving both the user management (monthly quotas, products bought, parking access...) and access systems.
  • Implemented a complete event management solution with ecommerce and ticket registration for Dlabs Hackerspace. Allowing members to easily publish and manage events.
  • Developed a complete ERP solution for a physiotherapy clinic, including physioterapists salary management, invoicing, patient management and physiotherapy session management for Aniento Fisioterapia.
  • Complete ecommerce solution for Camisetas Be Friki, and implantation of a professional design.
  • OpenSource (and open hardware) point of sale printer. Solving the problem of current remote services as openerp TPV that require complex configurations in client-side by implementing a centralized server and two-way communication via websockets.
  • Implanted a textile personalization system with woocommerce for a small customization shop from zaragoza, townhouse.



Previous employments

Developer at Neodoo S.L

Nov 2013 - Jul 2014
  • As part of the "Urban Milla Lab" from Milla Digital, I participated in the "Ola Ziudadan" project. With the codename "Tica!", I planned and developed a complete MEAN.io solution to group real-time notifications
    I also developed a hardware companion, a small "lion" box with a opensource micro-pc and RFID.
  • I participated as the lead developer in the migration of a medium enterprise ERP to OpenERP 7. Solving the database complete migration, and developing all their needs in manufacturing control, stock and warehouses control and work schedules management.

DevOps at Certicalia

May 2013 - Nov 2013
  • As a software developer I helped with the details and technical problems in Certicalia platform. As one of my first tasks, I improved their code quality, documentation and performance on the CodeIgniter main site.
  • Took care of the amazon AWS migration, configuring cache and enforced ssl to provide security and stability. Company's mail configuration, migration to our own mail servers with dovecot, roundcube and a self-patched version of postfixadmin.
  • Developed a OSM-Routed based service with caché to find the nearest routes from a technician to a client. Did some scrapping on multiple sources to gather information relative to the company's area of expertise, as well as some research on common energetic certificate data formats.

Developer at ASingleControl SL (G. SIGAC)

Aug 2012 - May 2013
  • Took part in the development of a losses administration system that is actually running on multiple spanish companies.
  • I improved the code quality and enforced coding standards to ease the development of the main app.
  • Implemented a small webapp based on apache cordova with camera-enabled gallery to document and upload automatically incidences at the place of the incident.

Analist programmer at BiFi

2010 - 2012
  • Developed Furnivall. A crowdthinking framework inspired in PyBossa. Implementing a on-memory object system with interactions between "live" objects, in a form of pybossa and boinc emulation.
  • Research on SVG for the Prisioner's dilemma experiment for Ibercivis.
  • Developed TwitterDataMiner, a small distributable python script ro re-process a dataset of twitter "tweets" obtained from Cierzo Development and add the missing data we needed for our study "Structural and Dynamical Patterns on Online Social Networks: The Spanish May 15th Movement as a Case Study".
  • Fixed GraphEvent, a social network analysis tool and adapted it to a newer version of the facebook API.

  • Junior developer Warp Networks

    • Working with multiple technologies and languages (C++/Python/Perl) for over a year I gained a lot of experience working on a nice and integrated team, aimed with the scrum methodology.
    • Contributed to the "Wader-GTK" project, a gtk interface for 3G modem management.
    • Implemented a complete project management system with integrated chatrooms using trac and jabber-muc. Backported jabber to make it work on debian sarge.
    • Remastered MovID livecd (security-enabled aladdin pendrive distribution) extending its useful life by hacking library path to support multiple GTK library versions. Rewrote MovID build scripts making them more flexible and readable.


As an open source enthusiast I’ve released a few projects under GPL licenses, you can check them out on my github , being worth mention the following.
I enjoy working with bleeding edge technologies and micro-frameworks. I'm used to micro-frameworks like laravel (php), express.js (nodejs) and flask (python).

Open Projects


Wireless default keys generator
Most wireless routers generate the password based on a fixed algorithm (you should really change your router password when you get it).
This software combines various spanish password algorithms in just one application, with multiple interfaces (web, gtk and cli).


Online RST presentations
Most python geeks would find quite easier to write in RST (restructuredtext) format than create a presentation with standard software.
This combines the strenght of both sides, wich makes it easier to use to everyone, and adds the cloud to the equation.


Execute any external software within chrome with this simple extension
Connecting a NPAPI Plugin with a userscript through an extension, this plugin allows you to fire an "execute" even


Jquery/Zepto plugins using html5
Jquery / ZeptoJS compatible plugins coded for the brand-new grasscms html5 version.


RFID-based door opener and user management system
Code and docs to, by using a raspberry PI, a electronic lock and a RFID HID reader having a complete user management system with door opening capacities


Easily make your terminal pretty
Tired of plain ugly terminals? This is your best resource. It combines the power of powerline, solarized and tmux.


Bring twitter back to reality!
Having stickers with your name or nickname on it is becoming a neccesity on some talks, conferences and similar meetings.
This web application allows an organizer to easily create stickers based on twitter’s usernames, with personalizable backgrounds, size, and an optional QR-code.


The best complement for aircrack-ng
Airoscript-ng is the most complete interface to aircrack-ng and alike tools out there.
It combines the power of the console with a nice text user interface, allowing people to completly take control over aircrack-ng in much less time.


I’m one of the founders of Zaragoza’s hackerspace, Dlabs
Giving communities a place to meet, as well as interesting hackers and makers a place to develop their ideas, we intend to carry on the hackerspace, makerspace and artist's place spirit, combined.


Talks / Speeches / Conferences