Working on a complete open-source TPV

Hi there, I’ve been offline for a while.

Sadly, my previous employer still owes me one month of payment, and I’ve been out there freelancing, wich is generaly profitable enough to make a living, but it’s very time consuming.

Anyway, I’m getting ready a few sugary products. One of them is a completly opensource TPV, more powerful (and cheap, easy to configure) that a POSbox.

For that, I’m using a quite recent technology: WebSockets.
I found a problem that you had to open ports on your router to make openerp be able to communicate with your posbox, so I replaced it with a client/server centralized architecture where every POS connects to.

This way, we’ve got a central WebSockets server (in the same server as openerp) that communicates OpenERP with the machines.

I’ll free soon enough the server & client part, but the OpenERP proxy will take a bit longer, sorry guys!

Big update on some of my free services

Thanks to TheOtherNet I’m able to offer a few services for free.
Some of them (, Digenpy and PrintedQR) have been updated recently, with huge design changes.

It’s been only a face change, a really really needed one, with some sugary in the case of printedqr (and, with help from Borja Latorre, a CSIC researcher, the later will suffer an even bigger update soon).

rstextme is a restructuredtext-to-presentation kinda wiki-like wibbly-wobbly timey winey stuff.
It has some neat features, you can edit it online (even making it private) and just pass the URL with the theme you want it. It renders it real time, so you can, for example, send a different url for different themes to each person. Oh, and it supports ODT and PDF exporting ;-)










Do you have a vulnerable password on your router? Do you think default password is enough for your WiFi? Check it out here!
Digenpy generates dictionaries (in some cases it just returns the password) for lots of different routers and companies. It integrates seamlessly with Airoscript-ng, a must-have!




Printing QR codes with a 3D printer is easier than ever. Just enter the desired text and it’ll render in-browser a previsualizable (thanks to openjscad!) qr code.

Try them!