Installing libnl3 and py80211(nl) on debian

So, I recently needed to install a full, lastest version of libnl from their repository, so I could install py80211.

I was actually looking for the py80211 version I collabore with ( wich is liblorcon-related , but I ended up finding py80211, wich is libnl-related. At the end, I didn’t use that py80211 version, but I’ll still document here how to

Here are the steps to install them:

apt-get install automake autoconf libtool git bison flex swig
git clone
sh configure
make install

Ok, that was easy!
Now we only need to clone and test the sample from the py80211 repository:

git clone
cd py80211
python install

Voilá. There you have it.

Best wordpress developer setup ever

I’ve recently started working on a complex wordpress-based project, so I needed a full-stack solution that would help me do my work in the most optimized way.

There’s where I stumbled upon Bedrock, from the guys behind the famous theme and I’ve got to say I was pretty amazed.

Bedrock dudes have managed to:

  • Keep a codebase wordpress-clean (separated app from wordpress core)
  • Make me know about the possiblity to install wordpress plugins via composer
  • You can even install bedrock itself through composer
  • Ansible & Vagrant machines!

I’ve already used it on two more wordpress sites and It’s probably going to become a regular topic in my blog posts.